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Salmonollagen Serum


 This serum is designed as an intensive daily treatment lotion. It is good to use for topical corrective skincare treatment including the eye area where the tissue is thin and delicate.


 It is also effective as intensive care for the whole face and neck.  In a short period of time, it noticeably improves various skin conditions such as large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, blemishes, brown spots, and acne scars which you may have believed it is too late to work for.  


 It also protects against environmental damage. The key ingredients of this concentrated liquid formula are Salmonollagen ( salmon collagen extract of extremely small molecules ), Rosehip Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Phyllanthus Emblica Fruits Extract ( Indian Gooseberry Extract ).  These natural ingredients are carefully chosen to work harmoniously and efficiently to maximize the power to stimulate the Cell Renewal mechanism of the skin.


 It is good for all skin types including sensitive and/or allergic skin types.

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サーモノラジェン セラム


しみ、しわなどの気になる部分に強力に働きかける集中ケアー用化粧品です。Finn社サーモノラジェン (Finn社のレギュラーコラーゲンに、さらに一層の精製処理を加えて取り出した超極小コラーゲンとアミノ酸+ビタミンC誘導体)を元に、抗酸化作用が強く肌を健康にする作用の有る3種類のハーブ、ローズヒップエキス、カモマイルエキスとインドで1000年以上薬用として使われ続けているエンブリカ粉がバランス 良く配合されています。 お肌の健康に、顔全体や気になる部位にお使いください。目立つ毛穴、しみ、しわ、目の下のたるみ、くすみ、にきび痕などの気になるお肌の状態をぐいぐい改善します。アイケアー用としても 優れた効果を発揮します。


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