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Finn's Outstanding Salmon Collagen


 The major ingredient of Finn's skincare products is primarily collagen extract, derived from the skin of wild ocean salmon by our own unique method. It is the major ingredient of our skincare cosmetics and hair treatment lotion. As wild salmon migrate and travel the ocean, they are less affected by dioxins or heavy metals discharged from the land. We do not use hatchery fish in our process, eliminating any concern about the harmful effects of hormones. Because FINN’s Salmon Collagen does not contain collagen from livestock, there is no need to worry about infectious diseases carried by them. Use of FINN’s Salmon Collagen is safe and worry free.



 For many years, salmon skin collagen has been known by experts to be the ideal ingredient for cosmetics because of its superior power to penetrate human skin. Unlike collagen extracted from other animals, salmon skin collagen melts at a very low temperature, well below the temperature of the human body. It easily melts on the skin and is gradually absorbed. (Temp. of dissolution; pig: about 40℃, cow: about 38℃ salmon about18℃)  Because collagen from other sources melts at a much higher temperature, it often sits on the skin without melting or being absorbed.



 Salmon collagen is very difficult to be extracted as it easily decomposes and changes at a temperature of about 18℃. Finn Canada has solved this problem using our own special technique and is successfully producing high quality salmon collagen. Although the acid extraction method has been commonly used for extracting collagen, Finn Canada has adopted an alkaline extraction method which produces a top quality collagen with greater mineral and amino acid content than collagen extracted by the acid extraction method. Using collagen, extracted by an alkaline method, we create the best product for skin care. Even though our process takes approximately two months to mature, while an acid extraction method is complete in two weeks, we have chosen an alkaline method because of the superior collagen we can produce that way. After extraction is complete, through our refinery process we meticulously remove all unpleasant fish smells while retaining the high nutrient value and diverse amino acids and minerals found in wild salmon. Only then is FINN’s Salmon Collagen passed on to our cosmetic experts to use in the production of our fine skincare cosmetics.


 Our strong determination to make the best skincare products is exhibited in every step we take.













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