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Finn's Outstanding Salmon Collagen


Today, collagen, a type of protein, is well known as the ultimate substance for skin enhancement.  In fact, collagen can solve many of the problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, brown pigmentation spots, and dry, dull and 
rough skin.

Finn has succeeded in producing skincare products using collagen and other nutrients of wild salmon skin without spoiling them in the extraction process. 

Our collagen products have provided users with amazing results.  Incredibly, some people report a tightening of the skin mere hours after applying our collagen products. 

The secret of this power is attributed to the ingredients utilized. Unlike collagen extracted from other animals, salmon skin collagen melts at a very low temperature, 
well below the temperature of the human body. It easily melts on the skin and is gradually absorbed. (Temp. of dissolution; pig: about 40℃, cow: about 38℃, salmon: about18℃)  Because collagen from other sources melts at a much higher temperature, it often sits on the skin without melting or being absorbed.
Additionally, wild salmon are less affected by dioxins or heavy metals discharged from the land as wild salmon migrate and travel the ocean. We do not use hatchery 
fish in our process, eliminating any concern about the harmful effects of hormones. 
Because FINN’s Salmon Collagen does not contain collagen from livestock, there is no need to worry about infectious diseases carried by them. Use of FINN’s Salmon 
Collagen is safe and worry free.




サーモノラジェンは、肌荒れ、シミ、皺、ニキビ、などのお肌の不調を改善する事を目的として、Finn 社が独自に作り上げた化粧品原料です。ミネラルを豊富に含む天然サーモンの皮から抽出したコラーゲン液と、ビタミンCを加えて作られました。




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