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What is Salmonollagen?

Salmonollagen is our self-made skin enhancement compound. It is mainly a natural salmon collagen extract including minerals and amino acids with the addition of vitamin C.   The synergistic effect of the combination of top-quality collagen and Vitamin C makes the finest skincare products. 

The production of this nutrient rich formula involves repeated and painstaking purification processes so that only extremely small molecules that can be more effective to the skin are left and used.

The skincare products using Salmonollagen (skin enhancement compound) help improve your skin condition to a more healthy and vibrant skin naturally.

We do not add any colouring agents to our products. As our collagen is extracted from natural salmon skin, its colour slightly differs at each extraction.  Although the colour of each cosmetic may vary because of this reason, the quality always remains high.

*The skin possesses innate healing capabilities, yet frequently, skin issues surpass these abilities. Finn’s skincare products are crafted to enhance and harness this natural power, promoting vibrant and healthy skin.



サーモノラジェンは、肌荒れ、シミ、皺、ニキビ、などのお肌の不調を改善する事を目的として、Finn 社が独自に作り上げた化粧品原料です。ミネラルを豊富に含む天然サーモンの皮から抽出したコラーゲン液と、ビタミンCを加えて作られました。








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