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Q:   Where are Finn's products made?

They are all made in Canada. With regards to ingredients, they are either made in Canada, in the US, or in France.  Our major ingredient, salmon extract, is made at our own factory in B.C.


Q:    What is Finn's skincare products' the most significant point?


While most other skincare companies use powdered collagen for their products, we use natural salmon extract.  Therefore, the original nutrition from salmon skin is left and utilized for our products.


Q:   Does it have a fishy smell?


No, our products have no fishy smell. When purifying our salmon extract, we eliminate the source of fish smells by our special technology while leaving the skin's rich nutrients.


Q:   What are the major points for using salmon skin for skincare products?


Salmon contains abundant nutrition naturally from the sea and its skin has an excellent property that human skin needs.  (ex. the ability to retain moisture and to heal damages.)

Another advantage, as wild salmon migrate and travel the ocean, they are less affected by dioxins or heavy metals discharged from the land.

Moreovert, as salmon collagen melts at a very low temperature (18℃), well below the temperature of the human body, it easily melts on the skin and is gradually absorbed into. 

Overall, our Salmon Skin Extract is just ideal ingredient for skin/hair care products.


Q:    After the application of collagen products onto my skin, will it become the    
          collagen of my own skin?

Unfortunately, it will not be the collagen of your skin/dermis.  The major role for collagen used for skin/hair care products is basically moisture the skin/epidermis. (As all Finn's skincare products contains salmon collagen extract, various kinds of amino acids and minerals, they moisture and nourish the skin at the same time. When the skin softened by collagen's moisturizing effect, the nutrition can be easily taken to the epidermis through the pores and it promotes the blood flow and enhances the metabolism.)


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Q: Finnの化粧品はどこで作られていますか?

全てカナダ製 です。主原料のサーモン抽出液は自社製ですが、その他の原料は主にカナダ国内、


Q: Finnの化粧品の最も大きな特徴はなんですか?





Q: 鮭の皮からの抽出液だとすると、かなり魚臭いのでは?




Q: 鮭の皮を原料にするメリットを教えて下さい。




Q: コラーゲンを肌につけると肌から吸収されて肌の内部でコラーゲンになりますか?





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