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Finn's Skin /Hair care Cosmetics Overview


Our cosmetics are gentle on the skin and suitable for everyone including those with sensitive skin or allergies, yet those who use our products will feel impressive results everyday.  The major ingredient used in our cosmetics is FINNs Salmon Collagen extract.  All other ingredients are carefully selected ensuring they harmonize and work effectively with our salmon collagen. We select only ingredients commonly used in baby skin care and ingredients from natural sources.  All our products are colour- ing agent free. As our collagen is extracted from natural salmon skin, its colour slightly differs at each extraction. Although the colour of our cosmetics may vary because of this reason, the quality always remains high.


Production of our cosmetics is monitored from preparation to completion, always paying careful attention to each process to have the best result at each step.  Because we want to deliver only fresh cosmetics for our customer’s use, we do not resort to mass production.  We produce only enough stock to meet demand.


FINN’s Skincare Cosmetics are made with sincere thought of our users’ best interest always in the forefront.

Our cosmetics are recommended for people of all ages, male or female.  We have designed products for every skin type.  We suggest that one begin using our products now, whatever one’s age, as the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients reduces with age.  FINNs Salmon Collagen Cosmetics are not only good for facial care but can be used on hand, feet, scalp, body, nails, hair, etc.  Try using our products on any part of your body you feel needs extra care.



■Try FINN’s Salmon Collagen Cosmetics to enhance your skin and to…


- Enliven dull skin

- Moisturize dry skin

- Transform rough skin into fresh, 

    smooth and silky skin

- Reduce the appearance of blemishes

- Tone and tighten skin

- Diminish wrinkles

- Lighten the appearance of sunburn

- Reduce brown pigmentation spots

- Soften dry, calloused, thickened skin

- Create a base for makeups

     application a base that will

     both ease smooth application

     of make-up, and help make-up

     last longer without fading


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